The Business Awards

The Business Live Pandemic Thrive & Survive Award

The Judges are looking for a company or organisation that has been impacted by the pandemic but had a credible plan to adapt to the challenge.
This may include examples of resilience, diversification, responsiveness, re-training or up-skilling, protection of staff and customers

Criteria for the Award:
Companies will need to show and evidence some or all of the following. We recognise that every company will have had a different Pandemic experience. This will be taken into consideration.

  • Resilience in the face of adversity
  • Responsiveness – measures taken to adapt to a change in circumstances
  • Measures taken to protect staff and customers
  • Changes to staff procedures, jobs and training
  • Increases in online capabilities, diversification, or new income streams
  • Evidence of growth (where applicable), or measures taken during the Pandemic which will lead to future income or revenue streams
  • Innovation
  • Strategic planning


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