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The Pepperells Innovation Award

The Judges Want…

Businesses that are forward looking, having explored, exploited and implemented innovative ideas. Businesses will have driven real financial gain to their businesses from these ideas through internal or external changes to any of their processes, products or systems.

Their examples can be built on sharing best practice – SWIPED (Stolen With PridE), working collaboratively with others, or new and unique solutions.

Award Overview

This award provides recognition to those businesses that have found and developed new solutions to business growth or competitiveness. Innovation is not just about new inventions. Innovation is “fresh thinking that adds value to a business”.

That thinking is normally based on great vision, good consumer or customer understanding, and new processes or systems. The innovation can be both internal and external to the business as long as it has driven real financial benefit.

This award is open to all Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire, whether you are self-employed, a social enterprise or employ up to 250 people.

Award Criteria

The Award will be looking for businesses that have been innovative by either:

  • Finding a new way of successfully engaging with customers
  • Developing a new product or service
  • Discovering a new solution to business processes
  • Finding a new way of supplying or being supplied
  • Finding and reaching new markets
  • Developing and implementing methods for increasing efficiency

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