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Grimsby Institute

Grimsby Institute…inspiring through our community

The Grimsby Institute is delighted to have once again been invited to showcase the talents of our learners and are looking forward to entertaining you this evening with a unique song and dance performance created just for you.

At the Grimsby Institute we continually seek opportunities for our learners to get involved in their community through a variety of exciting programmes and partnerships. We consider our interaction and work with employers and community groups to be an integral part of our business and recognise the value they add to the learning experience through the support they provide.

These activities draw upon skills and knowledge across a vast range of specialist areas and demonstrate the wealth of talent accessible to the local community through the Grimsby Institute. We are proud to be actively engaged with employers and we aim to do this in a mutually beneficial way to increase opportunities for all involved.

Performing at events like the Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards is an important part of our learners’ training and we’re sure you will see why our learners are in demand for many of the events that take place in our region every year.

We hope you enjoy this evening of celebration for the many fantastic achievements in our region.